When Mick and Thomas meet to discuss the trust, Thomas lets his brother know he found out Matt Fox backed out of the deal. Mick assures his brother that the deal will continue without Matt. Thomas also brings up that he knows Connor came clean to Mick about his new job. Thomas wants to stop fighting with his brother, and Mick takes it as his cue to walk away.

Meg is rehearsing her art walk introduction speech to Abby and Gran and accepting feedback. Later, Abby fills the two women in on Trace’s upcoming tour. Meg encourages her daughter to see the positive of it all and to not wallow in the negative.

After having a talk with Mark, Trace decides to pull the plug on the impending tour. He later tells Abby he made the decision after realizing he had too many responsibilities in Chesapeake Shores, including the club.

Jess and Bree sit down together to interview a new chef, as David looks on. As they all talk, Jess realizes just how much work David does around the inn for such little pay. Finally, David comes clean that he is the son of Dennis Lyle Peck, a wealthy Boston businessman; he comes from old money. Jess immediately wants to know why David is working at the inn and living in such a small apartment. He tells the sisters that he wanted to make it on his own, and he always wanted to be a chef instead of sitting in company board meetings. The reason why he is taking time off is to care for his dad, who is in poor health.