Abby presents Douglas with all the paperwork he needs to take over the O’Brien land trust. He asks her point blank if she thinks this is a good deal. Abby is taken aback by the question but Douglas knows Abby as a straight shooter. He wants to know the reason why Matt Fox abandoned the trust. She promises Douglas that it is a great deal.

Kevin runs into Sarah and fills her in on his new apartment and his paramedic training. She lets Kevin know she is busy setting up the booth for the art fair, and asks if he wants to help her out. His reply is an easy smile.

Later on that evening, Abby and Trace are at the club when Mark stops by with some big news for the band. Mark got the group a six-month tour opening for Neil Brooks, which means traveling coast to coast and then playing in Europe! Abby is less than thrilled with the news.

Bree is having coffee with Simon and expressing her concerns that her manuscript due date is coming up. The two are interrupted by Jess, who tells them about David quitting the inn and possibly breaking up with her to spend more time with his family. The attention turns to Kevin who has joined the table and reveals he is afraid he was friend-zoned by Sarah.