Renewed for Season 5


Trace and Abby have a picnic in the park, where he serenades her with a song. When Trace leans in to ask Abby a question, he is interrupted by Caitlyn and Carrie, who ask him to play on the playground. He gives Abby a quick kiss and joins in on the fun.

The family is gathered around the table to listen to Meg’s speech for the art walk. Afterwards, Bree brings out an old portrait she found in the attic and wonders who the mystery man in the picture is. Gran seems to recognize the man in picture but plays it off like she doesn’t.

The Trace Riley Band is rehearsing for the art walk when John speaks up about his frustrations. He is ready for the band to start making money and playing free art walks isn’t doing the trick. John also points out that Trace isn’t making any of his own sacrifices for the band, considering they play music at Trace’s club, in his hometown, so he can be close to Abby. The band finally votes to call Mark back in Nashville and negotiate a deal.

Connor comes clean with his dad about working for Thomas. Instead of being upset, Mick offers his support to his son but also says the fact Connor had to hide the new job from his dad says a lot about their relationship.

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