Forest Through the Trees

Thomas and Connor are going over Thomas’s case. Thomas is impressed with his nephew’s
work and tells him that life is too short to only be concerned with time and money.

Back at the club, Kevin stops by to show Trace that someone uploaded a video of him performing “Free Fall” and it is already going viral!

At the bookstore, Bree gives Simon a sample of her writing for him to read. She also tells Simon she is terrified of criticism but appreciates him taking the time to give it. When Simon goes in for a kiss, Bree kisses him back.

Jess and David are working outside on the sprinklers and he assures her that whatever she is feeling for him, it is mutual on his end. He then pulls Jess into a romantic kiss just as the sprinklers turn on.

Abby joins Trace at the club and he shows her his video. Trace points out that the video now has 400,000 views and maybe his Nashville dreams aren’t over yet.

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