Forest Through the Trees

Trace and Abby are on a romantic getaway, camping in the woods. Right off the bat, Abby begins complaining that she doesn’t have cell service. Trace assures her this trip is just about them and it is time to put the work away. The two spend their afternoon fishing and enjoying the great outdoors. Trace points out that the peace and quiet is a perfect way to get back to their roots. Just then, Abby catches their dinner on her fishing line.

Thomas finds his nephew Connor shooting hoops and wants to have a little conversation. He tells Connor he is proud of him quitting the law firm because that is not the kind of place where someone can embrace individuality. Thomas then surprises Connor by offering him a job working on some litigation in New York. Connor agrees to mull it over, then quickly changes his mind and accepts the gig.

Kevin and Sarah are on an ice cream date and Kevin swoops in for a kiss. Sarah pulls away again, telling Kevin that she has to put a stop to it. She then tells Kevin that she lost her husband three years ago when he died while serving in Mosul. She admits that is why she has such a tough exterior and why she became a firefighter, so she can help others.

Trace and Abby are warming up at the campfire and talking about the past. Trace tells her that they should have no regrets because life brought them to where they are now. He then picks her up and slow dances with her under the moonlight.