Exes Mark the Spot

In Boston, Mick pays a visit to his business partner Darryl. When he first arrived earlier in the day, Mick first went to check in on the site of his latest project. When he met with the foreman, he learned that the project had become stymied by problems with the unions, material delays and financing. He ordered the foreman to get the project moving again with the promise that he and his partner would settle the financing problems. But standing in Darryl’s living room, Mick realizes that Darryl is more preoccupied with meeting his wife at a fundraiser than with their failing venture. Mick is having none of Darryl’s waffling and demands that he sit here and work out their “numbers” problem. Darryl tells Mick that his wife Candace won’t be happy if he’s not at the fundraiser. Mick then takes a look around and calmly tells Darryl that he should tell Candace that he’s busy doing everything he can to keep their nice house.

In Chesapeake Shores, Bree is frustrated as she restocks the lending library to replace the books that have been stolen. As she does, Jess tries to explain to her why she broke up with David. They both feel awful about the situation and Jess’s hiring David as her chef just adds another layer to an already awkward situation. Just then David walks out, saying how angry Sally is now that he’s quit his job. Jess is flabbergasted and reminds David that she clearly told him that she couldn’t pay him until the B&B was up and running. David tells her he was miserable waiting tables and that he honestly can’t wait to get started on the menu for the party. Satisfied with his reasoning, Jess hands him a handful of crumpled up bills and he heads off to get the last ingredients for the party.

Back at the house, Abby’s busy painting the girls room when she gets a text from Wes saying that he’s in town and needs to talk. Abby meets him at the waterfront and they take in the breathtaking scenery, talking about happier times in their relationship. Wes then confides in Abby that he’s had a change of heart and has seen the life Abby and his daughters have in Chesapeake Shores. With that in mind Wes has decided to drop his petition for sole custody and instead, wants to go back to their previous arrangement. What’s more, with his career in finance over, Wes no longer has any reason to live in New York. Instead he’s decided to move closer Chesapeake Shores and his daughters. Abby is overjoyed at Wes’ change of heart is excited for a chance at a fresh start with him and the girls.