Exes Mark the Spot

Late at night at the B&B, Jess frantically tosses and turns in her sleep. The dream is one she’s had many times before and that has haunted her for years. In the dream Jess plunges into the ocean only to surface in the middle of a raging storm. Jess screams frantically for Rebecca but gets no answer. Finally, off in the distance, Rebecca calls out for help but Jess can’t find her in the pounding waves and driving rain. As Jess begs for Rebecca to grab her hand, Rebecca cries out to her that she can’t swim anymore. Suddenly Rebecca’s screams become muffled and gurgled. Jess calls again for her friend but before she finds her, Jess’s eyes snap open and the dream is over.

Early the next morning Abby stops by Trace’s cabin for an early visit before he heads off to work. The romance between them now in full swing, Abby thinks nothing of flinging her arms around him and giving him a tender kiss. But as she does, Trace’s mother Dee steps out of the front door, startling and embarrassing Abby. Dee’s surprise visit is ostensibly to bring Axel a new dog bed, but Trace is pretty sure that his parents are having problems…again. Dee casually asks Abby what brings her by so early and Abby, searching for a good excuse, tells her that she needs paintbrushes so she can paint her daughters’ rooms. Completely aware of Abby’s lie, Trace jokingly tells her that she passed the hardware store miles back. Dee scolds him for the bad joke and he heads off to grab some spare paint brushes. While he’s away, Dee and Abby talk about Abby’s move home and her custody battle with Wes. Dee is compassionate towards Abby’s situation and does her best to assure her that it will all work out for her and the girls…and for Trace too. Just then Trace arrives back with the paint brushes and Abby takes her leave. After she departs, Dee tells Trace how wonderful Abby is. Trace says he knows where this is headed but Dee insists that she only wants him to be happy. He tells her that he is happy and she responds, “Happy with Abby.” Trace smiles then tells his mom that he needs to head off to work.

Meanwhile at Sally’s, Jess nervously goes over the menu for a party she’s throwing at the B&B. Behind the counter, David does his best to keep her calm and follow her, but her frenetic changes have him at a loss. As she runs through the menu again, she announces that she needs to have potato salad, coleslaw, and she also needs to break up. David is shocked into silence as Jess explains that after their date at the mini golf course, she realized that he and Bree have far more in common than she and he ever could. While David tries to compose his thoughts, Jess then asks him if he would consider being her chef at the B&B. She’s wanted to offer him the job since the night he made dinner for her and Bree but unfortunately, she can’t afford to pay him yet. Even with the caveat, David jumps at the chance to have his own kitchen and he happily agrees, making this the best breakup either of them have ever had.

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