Deals Undone

Morning in Chesapeake Shores finds Abby O’Brien out jogging along the waterfront. As she jogs back to the house she’s greeted by a handsome man bearing a bunch of red roses. Unfortunately for Abby, the flowers are an effort to soften the blow of the subpoena that is actually being delivered. Abby leaves the flowers and heads indoors with her subpoena. Inside Abby runs into her father who, absorbed in his own paperwork, asks her to wake Connor. Abby is all too eager and bursts into Connor’s room, angrily waving her subpoena and telling him that his legal advice backfired. Still groggy, Connor reminds Abby that his advice was free and since she had nothing to do with the insider trading, Connor doesn’t see any problem with Abby answering the subpoena and turning over documents to the DOJ. He does have an issue with his sister interrupting his beauty sleep and asks her to kindly close the door on her way out.

Downstairs, Mick casually watches as Carrie and Caitlyn make pancakes. Abby comes down and tries to talk to Mick about her legal woes but he’s distracted by his own stack of papers. Just then the doorbell rings and Mick runs off to answer it. On his way to the door Carrie and Caitlyn remind him that he promised to take them to play miniature golf today but Mick’s so focused on the door that he doesn’t hear a word the girls say. Looking on Abby tells her daughters that Grandpa has a lot of work to do. The girls aren’t fazed and remind their mom that they’ve seen her like that too.

Meanwhile in town, Bree steps outside of Sally’s with a fresh cup of coffee. As she does she sees David, Jess’s new boyfriend, standing at the lending library. Not wanting to reveal her excitement at running into him, she pauses before nervously walking up and asking if he’s “taking or leaving.” Happy to see Bree, David turns and shows her the book he’s leaving, “My Life in the Pits.” Despite the title, David assures her that it’s a pretty inspiring book and that in the end, the author falls in love. As luck would have it, Bree is returning the book he left during their first meeting. They talk briefly about writing and literature before David asks her about their awkward dinner with Jess. Bree says she’s not sure why she overreacted but she apologizes for the confusion it may have caused. The two smile at each other before David realizes that he needs to go inside and start work. He grabs his bag and heads into Sally’s and Jess cheerfully follows along, telling David she was just going in to grab a coffee. David looks at the cup of coffee cup in her hand and asks “Isn’t that?” Jess suddenly remembers the hot coffee in her hand and, embarrassed again, tells David to have a good day before slinking away.

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