Chesapeake Shores 3002: The Way We Were

Chesapeake Shores 3002
The Way We Were

Bree asks Abby if she would mind reading her manuscript. Bree comes clean that she hopes Abby will read the script and realize that it isn’t about the family, like Jess believes. They are interrupted by Jess, who pops in looking for Abby’s camera. Kevin shows up after an exhausting night of working the overnight shift as an EMT. Mick comes in and wants to know if it is true that Connor is really staying with Jess. Abby tells him it is, and he’s looking for his own place.

Abby and Trace are organizing boxes from Trace’s childhood, going through his old letterman jacket and trophies. Abby also finds an unopened envelope in one of the boxes, containing a letter that Abby wrote Trace before she got engaged to Wes. She later confides in Kevin that she took the letter from the box and still has no memory what she wrote inside.

Back at the Inn, Jess finds Connor outside working on the patio. She accuses him of ignoring her emotional state, confessing she misses David. Connor assures his sister that everything is going to be okay and they both agree to not talk about David anymore because it just brings her down.

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