Buried Treasures

In Nashville, Trace, Leigh and John bask in the success of the night before. Leigh wants to know what they are going to do about the album that Mark owns the rights to. Trace says to ditch that album; he wants the trio to record another album on an independent label.

Later, the family gathers around the fire pit to open Bree’s time capsule. Before opening the box, Bree hopes that the objects inside will represent memories that will bring a smile to the family’s faces and serve as a reminder that life can be simple and happy. The time capsule includes Bree’s journal, Kevin’s Christmas mints, Connor’s king crown, Bree’s watch, Mick’s dad’s flask, Gran’s childhood fairy ornaments and Jess’s stuffed animal that was given to her by mother. Seeing it all brings smiles to everyone in the O’Brien family.

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