Buried Treasures

Leigh and Trace prepare for their showcase, to be performed in front of industry insiders. She tells Trace thank you for sticking by her and he says he knows Leigh would do the same. John surprises the two and says if the offer still stands, he would love to play bass with his former band. Before they hit the stage, Mark cuts in and tells Trace that if the trio perform on stage he will make sure his album is never get released. Trace, Leigh and John walk right past him. Once on stage, Trace introduces the group as the Trace Reilly Band and they perform “Freefall.” Afterwards, they began schmoozing with industry big wigs as Mark watches from the sidelines.

At the Inn, Jess has a hard time with a difficult customer who she just can’t please. The next morning, Jess finds out that her tough customer is really a famous travel writer, Kenneth Shane, whose reviews are often featured in The New York Times. Now all Jess can hope is that he writes a decent review, considering all the times he complained during his visit.

Gran tells Thomas that she is extremely disappointed over Thomas’s decision to print brochures hurting Mick’s land deal. Mick surprises the two at the café and grabs a seat. Noticing his sly smile, Gran tells Mick that whatever plan of revenge he has against his brother, don’t do it. Mick informs his brother that the sponsor of the Green Fair got all the necessary permits for the event, except the one for its own booth, which means all of Thomas’s booths will be removed. Gran knows it was Mick who made the phone call earlier to get his brother in trouble.

When Kenneth’s review of the Inn comes out, David encourages Jess to read it out loud. She is pleasantly surprised that Kenneth loved the bed and breakfast, as well as the food that David prepared during his stay. Jess can’t wait to share the good news with the rest of the family.