Buried Treasures

Connor meets with Danielle, and she is surprised he ended up at the firm he works at today in Baltimore. When Connor wants to know why, she tells him he is working for the evil empire that takes on cases that nobody else will touch. He responds that not every lawyer gets an outstanding opportunity to work for a firm that wants to protect freedom of speech like she does, but she believes he works for a firm that wants to end it.

As Abby and Douglas finish up their PTA project, she tells him she knows about his recent loss. Douglas tells his new friend he doesn’t like talking about it because it always makes people treat him differently, but Abby assures him that won’t happen with her.

Taking his mom’s advice, Connor heads to the Green Fair to visit Danielle, who is doing volunteer work. While there he runs into his Uncle Thomas, who wants to know if Connor is interested in pro bono work, himself. He says, no, he was just about to visit a friend.

After several hours of digging, Kevin finally finds the treasure box that Bree hid all those years before. He gets cheered on by his sisters who had more fun watching their brother do the physical grunt work.