Buried Treasures

Mick runs into Thomas at the Green Fair in Chesapeake Shores. Mick is angry to see his brother handing out pamphlets, questioning the development of what Mick will do with the O’Brien land. He is disappointed that Thomas has decided to air their dirty laundry to the public by distributing the brochures.

In Nashville, Leigh and Trace grab a beer to talk about recording at another studio. She stops Trace from saying anymore, since she has already heard through the grapevine that Mark wants Trace as a solo act. She encourages Trace to take the deal, because he has no choice. At this point, Mark owns their music since they signed the contract. Later on, Trace approaches the manager of a well-known showcase, Pete, and asks if he and Leigh can get a spot to perform. Pete agrees. Trace surprises Leigh with the news. Although she is hesitant to perform, Trace urges his partner just to trust him.

Abby gets a surprise visit at her office from her New York colleague, Jack, who stops by to tell how impressed the Manhattan office is with her work. Jack’s ears perk up when Abby tells him she met a new friend, Douglas, who she is working with on a PTA project. Jack tells Abby he knows Douglas from New York and he recently moved to Chesapeake Shores looking for a new beginning since his wife died the year before. Just as Abby is about to ask some follow-up questions, Jack has to take a phone call.