Buried Treasures

In Nashville, Leigh talks to Trace about their music, but he cuts her off and asks if she really wants to work with Mark Hall. Suspicious, Leigh asks Trace if he is keeping anything from her. Trace insists he was just wondering what Leigh thought. Later on, Trace meets with Mark separately to ask, again, if he can keep Leigh as his singing partner. Mark stands by his word that it is Trace as a solo act or nothing at all.

Meanwhile, Abby signs up for the PTA and runs into an old friend from high school, Jackie, and the two engage in chit chat. Jackie sets Abby up with a PTA partner, a new father in town, Douglas Peterson. Together the two will be working on fall fair receipts. Later, when they meet up, they get to know each other, and Abby opens up about the difficulties of dating a musician.

Connor and Megan grab a cup of coffee at Sally’s Café when Connor runs into someone he knew from college, Danielle. She informs Connor that she actually accepted a job in Baltimore, so she will be living close by doing some pro bono work in Chesapeake Shores. Connor suggests the two get together for coffee while she is in town. When Danielle walks away, Megan leans in and tells her son that she likes her.

Gran finds an old treasure map that Bree made when she was a teenager, highlighting where Bree hid a time capsule in Chesapeake Shores. Later on, Kevin and Bree decide to participate in the treasure hunt and take it up on themselves to do some catching up about their personal lives.

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