All Our Yesterdays

Kevin and Jess grab some alone time to catch up about their love lives. Jess wants to know what she should do about David, and Kevin tells his little sister he doesn’t know what to say because he has no idea what is going on with Sarah. In the end, Kevin advises her that no matter what she does, she should not be the one to initiate the first kiss with David.

Jess pays Abby a visit at the house and has some service orders for Mick to sign. Abby points out that she and Trace seem to keep facing the same challenges of finding time for one another between family, work, the club and his music. She tells Trace she didn’t sign up to be one of his groupies. He promises her that their relationship will get better, and the two kiss and make up.

Trace’s mom visits the club to see what he has done to the place. Trace is surprised to hear his dad is already back to work at the bank, which worries his mother. He promises her he will have a talk with his Dad about spreading himself too thin.

Jess has a great idea of cooking chicken parmigiana for her family and invites David to join. He walks in on her frazzled in the kitchen, trying to put together the recipe and accepts the invitation to join for dinner.

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