A Sonnet for Caroline

Kevin and Sarah work on wedding plans but get overwhelmed when his family’s good intentions to help seem to take over. Trace settles in to managing The Bridge and encourages Emma to perform. Abby doesn’t share with her family details on her suspension from work, instead saying she is taking a sick day. Bree opens up to Jess about not connecting with Simon.

Abby is served papers and avoids everything by volunteering at the girls’ school, and while there, she meets a new man. Jess and David learn they may not get the bed and breakfast location and hatch a plan to win over the property owner. The plan backfires and they run out of ideas on how to win over the owners. After Trace continues to push Emma to perform at the Bridge, she finally agrees. She stumbles on stage by herself until Trace joins her and she finds her voice. Mick reveals that his biggest development project in Chicago is being shut down as he and Megan look at wedding locations. They share a kiss at the scene of their own wedding as they are overcome with memories of their special day. Later on, the two decide the kiss probably wasn’t the best idea.

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