3010: Before a Following Sea

Bree asks Simon how his lunch went with Caroline. He accuses her of getting jealous and says he didn’t go to the lunch. He assures Bree that he is with her and she needs to let go of the thought of him and Caroline. He thinks she is putting all her energy into worrying over Caroline when she really should be focusing on her relationship with her mother.

Trace is packing up his belongings at the club and tells Chris the bookkeeper he is leaving it in his hands while gone. Leigh and John stop by to help Trace out and Leigh assures Trace that he made the right decision going on tour. As he goes to leave, Trace takes a look around at the club that he launched.

Sarah surprises Kevin with a visit to Chesapeake Shores and lets him know what he means to her. She also says that after some groveling, she got her job back with the Chesapeake Shores Fire Department. Kevin is shocked, but Sarah was so moved by his offer to move to Philadelphia that she returned the favor to him. He responds by telling Sarah he loves her and she says she loves him right back.