3010: Before a Following Sea

Meg stops by Wordplay to talk to Bree about the manuscript. Bree tells her mom that Connor already warned her she may be stopping by. Bree also fills her mom in that Caroline is a real person and she fears Simon will go back to her. She just does not have time to deal with family drama about her book.

David and Jess find some alone time and he tells her he is ready to give his parents a second chance. Jess warns David that his parents are manipulative but David thinks it is time to really hear them out.

Abby surprises Gran by asking if she ever regretted marrying her grandpa. Gran advises her to that all relationships take work and she should fight for it if it is worth it. Abby starts crying and says she doesn’t know what to do about Trace. Gran reminds her granddaughter that no matter what, she needs to take care of herself first. Finally, Gran says when it comes to the heart, never settle for “not good enough.” Abby gets similar advice from her mother who tells her that sometimes love just isn’t enough.

Kevin brings Connor along on a road trip to Philadelphia to visit Sarah. Once there, Sarah tells Kevin she is really enjoying her new paramedic job and is getting along with her co-workers. Kevin makes a surprise announcement, filling Sarah in that he applied for a paramedic job in Philadelphia to be closer to her. It may take a year to get accepted, but he feels the wait will be worth it.

Thomas and Mick bond on the boat, getting ready for their upcoming regatta. They start taking a trip down memory lane, sharing stories about their father and how they learned to navigate the waters.

Abby finds Trace and fills him on how she is really feeling when it comes to the tour. He is shocked to hear that Abby wants to break up because the relationship isn’t working for them. Trace tells Abby he thought the relationship was solid and promises her that they can have it all. She knows they can’t have it all because Trace isn’t ready to stop chasing his music dreams and really settle down. They share tearful goodbye as Abby apologizes and walks away.