3010: Before a Following Sea

Chesapeake Shores 3010

Trace talks to John about the possible tour and asks if his wife, Linda, is fine with him extending their dates. John tells Trace that his wife already knew she was marrying a musician and was ready for these kind of opportunities. Meanwhile, Abby confides in her dad that she hasn’t prepared for Trace going on tour yet, because she has no idea if he really has agreed to it. Mick advises her to voice her opinion and tell Trace how she feels.

Simon stops by the bookstore to check in on Bree and see how the family meeting went. She tells him it did not go well. She also tells Simon she re-read his book “It’s Always Caroline.” Bree calls Simon out about the book and his past relationship with Caroline. The two are interrupted by Caroline herself, who has a break between classes and wants to know if they want to grab lunch.

Sally’s Café is booming in business, thanks to Jess and David’s collaboration on menu changes and catering opportunities. They are shocked when David’s parents walk in to apologize for their behavior during the couple’s stay at the Peck family house.

Trace tells Abby that he wants to go on the tour in Europe and Asia. Trace assures her that they will make it work and Abby and the girls will be able to visit him overseas. Trace also promises Abby he will call her every day, including FaceTime with the girls.

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