3009: Forward to the Past

Chesapeake Shores 3009
Forward to the Past

Sarah’s going away party is at The Bridge, held before she takes off to be a paramedic in Philadelphia. She gets up on stage to thank her friends for attending. She ends her speech by thanking Kevin for “everything.”

At the party, Abby feels torn over Trace and Mick clashing over the club. Trace has only one request from his girlfriend: stay out of the business. Meanwhile, Jess and David let Bree know that since the Inn went under, they have temporary gigs working at Sally’s Café. Privately, Jess shares with Bree she is worried that David is growing bored with life since the Inn shut down.

Kevin and Sarah drive to Philadelphia to help her settle in and it is Kevin’s opportunity to meet her parents. Kevin is a bit intimidated by Sarah’s father, a former Navy SEAL, who offers up a firm handshake when introducing himself. Will and Laura welcome Kevin into their home.

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