Renewed for Season 5

3006: Here and There

Bree and Simon grab coffee to talk about their writing careers and begin sharing in laughs. Simon excuses himself and says he has to head back to get ready for a speaking gig he has in Los Angeles. Before leaving, he sweeps Bree up in a passionate kiss, which leaves her speechless.

Trace heads to the bank to help his father finish packing up his office so he can start his life in retirement. Trace invites his dad to join him to a baseball game that week. He also tells his father he was right all along about fatherhood. Trace admits he is still trying to figure it all out when it comes to Carrie and Caitlyn.

Meg pays Mick a visit at his remodeled boat. Mick gives her a good luck coin and pours her a glass of wine. He then gives her a full tour of the boat.

Wes, Terri and the girls get ready to head back to New York and Terri gives Abby a big hug before departing. All four get the in the car as Abby waves goodbye from the porch.

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