Renewed for Season 5

3006: Here and There

Abby and Meg are doing dishes and Abby admits that she is having a hard time with Wes marrying Terri. She never thought about another woman coming into her daughters’ lives, or more importantly, accepting how much Caitlyn and Carrie adore Terry.

Gran and Connor bond over the town’s flower competition that Gran participates in each year. Connor uncovers that her main nemesis in the competition has been cheating and getting her flowers from out of town. But Connor tells his grandmother that although Dorothy McNamara has been cheating, it sounds like her life has been depressing since her husband’s death. The flower competition is all she really has.

Mick and Meg are going down memory lane while sitting on the porch. Mick begins to wonder what would have happened if they never got divorced. Meg wants to know if they can rebuild their relationship and Mick thinks it is time to build something completely new between the both of them.

The flower competition arrives and Gran gets second place for her flower design. For the 16th year in a row, Dorothy is crowned the winner. Gran approaches Dorothy and invites her to lunch, saying that it is not about the ribbons or awards, but the friendships that keep Gran coming back. Dorothy gets teary-eyed and agrees.