Renewed for Season 5

3006: Here and There

Chesapeake Shores 3006
Here and There

It is breakfast time at the O’Brien house as the family enjoys a meal made by Carrie and Caitlyn. The girls share with Abby that their father’s new girlfriend Terri taught them how to cook. Abby is shocked to hear the news about Wes. Everybody is surprised when Trace shows up to join the family at the table. He is greeted with smiles and hugs. Abby later tells Trace how much it bothers her that Wes is dating again. She also says she invited Wes and Terri out to Chesapeake Shores for dinner and wants Trace to come. He declines the invite because he has a recording session at the studio in Baltimore.

Meg and Mick go for a stroll downtown, when she says she is happy to hear that Mick and Connor are working on their relationship. Meg also says she is finally settled into her new Chesapeake Shores home and job. She then asks if Mick would consider their casual stroll a date. He shrugs and says he doesn’t know. The two later grab a bite and Meg lets Mick know she is up for another consulting job at the Met in Manhattan. Mick automatically assumes Meg is heading back to New York and the two begin to bicker.

Trace visits his father, who is preparing for retirement. He confronts his dad about how he was there financially for his family, but emotionally neglected them while Trace was growing up. Later on, Trace talks to John about the confrontation. Then Trace gets bad news that due to a computer mishap, he has to work in the studio all night long, missing saying good night to the girls. Abby is understanding.

Abby sits down with Wes’s new girlfriend, Terri, as the three get to know each other better. When the girls ask Terri to join them outside, it gives Wes and Abby a moment to really talk. Wes tells Abby that he started dating Terry six months ago and now knows he loves her and wants to marry her. While Abby is stunned, she gives him her approval. Abby also finds out that Terry is the creator behind one of Abby’s favorite parenting blogs.

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