3003: The Rock is Going to Roll

Chesapeake Shores 3003 Recap

Trace and Abby can’t believe his hiatus is already coming to an end before he has to go back on the road. He tells Abby that in three weeks, he will be touring the mid-Atlantic, meaning he can make stops back home in between. Abby fills Trace in that she has been managing the Inn while Jess and Bree head up to Maine, so every night feels like a sleepover for the girls.

It is a busy morning in the O’Brien household as Bree and Jess get ready to depart for Maine. Connor tells his mother he is watching Bree’s bookshop after while she is gone and afterwards, he will meet Danielle for a date. Abby also informs her mother that she is watching the Inn during the evening hours, but Kevin and Mick are covering the shifts during the daytime.

Jess and Bree arrive at David’s family home in Maine and Jess begins having a panic attack at how gigantic the mansion is. She begins to question if David feels anything for her at all. Before she can have a complete meltdown, David opens the door. When Jess jumps into his arms, the two share in a kiss. He introduces Jess to his parents as his girlfriend and she and Bree are welcomed into the house.

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