3001: An Open Book

Chesapeake Shores 3001

Trace has been on the road for three months opening for Donovan Wiley. Mark reminds Trace that once he is home, Mark expects him to be working on new music. Before he can head out, Donovan invites Trace up on the stage to perform a duet and the audience goes wild.

Back in Chesapeake Shores, the family gathers around to get ready for their busy mornings. Bree tells her family that a theater in Baltimore has chosen one of her plays to perform. Abby tells her mom that she is close to wrapping up all the environmental issues for the trust. Abby also begins to get frazzled about not having enough time with Trace, but Megan assures her to just breathe.

As Trace prepares to take off from Nashville back to Chesapeake Shores, Mark tells him that a national magazine wants to put Trace on their cover and they need to interview him tomorrow. A frustrated Trace wants to know when he is supposed to find the time to write new music when he keeps getting booked. Mark promises Trace the interview won’t take too long.

Later that night, Trace finally arrives at Chesapeake Shores, where he finds Abby waiting for him in the house she has decorated for his return. Trace presents Abby with three pair of cowboy boots for her, Carrie and Caitlyn. She immediately embraces him with a kiss as a thank you.

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