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Peanut Butter Banana Freeze

A healthy snack from nutrition expert, Joy Bauer.
Peanut Butter Banana Freeze
  • 1 medium ripe banana
  • 2 teaspoons natural peanut butter (or any other nut/seed butter)

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up Snacks - Home & Family

Nutrition and fitness expert Joy Bauer is giving you a list of easy-to make delicious snacks you can make at home.


1. Split the banana lengthwise into two halves. Spread one half with the peanut butter.

2. Sandwich the two banana halves together and wrap the entire banana in plastic wrap (or you can cut bananas into 1-inch wheels and carefully store in a plastic bag or container).

3. Freeze until solid, at least 4 hours.

Note: You can also add chopped strawberries for a PB&J banana treat. Or sprinkle chocolate chips in the middle before closing the banana halves.

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