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Mark's Daddy Hacks

Mark's Daddy Hacks

Save time with these Daddy Hacks.

Hack #1: Microwave two bowls at once

  1. Fit two bowls in the microwave at the same time.

  2. Place one bowl on top of a glass, so it sits higher than the other.

  3. Gets food on the table faster for hungry kids.

Hack #2: Prep your kids' strawberries with a straw:

  1. Get rid of pesky stems & leaves without wasting too much fruit.

  2. Insert a straw at bottom of the strawberry and push up.

  3. Your kids can now eat the entire berry with ease.

  4. Great for packing your kids’ lunches.

Hack #3: Make kids' slippers slip-proof

  1. Floors can be slippery, when your kids wear their slippers.

  2. Simply use a glue gun and write their name on the bottom of the slippers.

  3. You’re kids now have personalized non-slip slippers.

Hack #4: DVD art case

  1. Use a recycled dvd case.

  2. Add paper & colored pencils for an on-the-go easel.

  3. Kids’ art materials are conveniently in one place.

Hack #5: Use a fork for dunking Oreos

  1. Stick the fork in the cream filling of the Oreo.

  2. Dunk Oreo in your milk and your fingers stay clean.

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