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Ken’s DIY Diamond Shaped Felt Kid Mobiles

Ken’s DIY Diamond Shaped Felt Kid Mobiles

Ken demonstrates how to create an eye-catching mobile for young children!
  • 1 square of heavyweight Felt
  • 2-4 Felt Balls
  • Utility knife
  • Needle & thread

Notes: Make sure to use only a heavyweight felt! 

For newborns, you should try to stick to 3 basic colors: black, white, and red.


  1. Cut concentric diamonds as specified using a straight edge and utility knife, being careful not to cut fully through at the center

  2. Take opposing points of the outer diamond and using needle and thread attach with a small stitch.

  3. Take the next smallest diamonds points and join in the opposing direction using a stick.

  4. Repeat with smallest square

  5. Pierce one or two balls with knotted thread and attach to bottom of mobile.

  6. Thread knotted thread through top of mobile and attach 2 more balls and leave length of string for hanging.

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