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How Growing Watermelon in Small Spaces

Shirley Bovsow is helping you get your watermelon growing when you are dealing with small spaces and giving you some helpful tips to keep your plants alive.
How Growing Watermelon in Small Spaces
  • Whiskey Barrel
  • Soil
  • Watermelon plants
  • Water
  • Tomato cage

How To Grow Watermelon in a Small Space - Home & Family

Shirley Bovshow givesyou some tips on how to plant and grow watermelon.


1. We will elevate whiskey barrels by placing on top of cement blocks (double layer)

2. Whiskey barrels will be filled with soil

3. Shirley will take 2 or 3 plants and add Sure Start fertilizer to roots and plant in barrel,
spacing them apart.

4. Shirley adds tomato support cage to whiskey barrel so watermelons can grow up it and
also cascade down the sides to the floor.

5. water with watering can

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