Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

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Tia Mowry Cooks - Home & Family

Tia Mowry

The actress and author of the new book, “Whole New You,” Tia Mowry visits the show to discuss foods that she eats to help her battle endometriosis. She explains that dairy, gluten and white sugar can create inflammation in the body. She also makes a pan roasted chicken with maple bacon glaze chicken in the kitchen.

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DIY Pool Storage

Ken Wingard is keeping you more organized this summer by making a DIY pool storage using a recycled pallet. He suggests going to your local grocery store to ask for a used one. Use sealant paint over the pallet to keep it from getting water damaged.

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Swimwear from Curvy Women

Celebrity stylist Timothy Snell is providing tips on how to find the right style of bathing suits that best flatter your body type. His swimwear line is beach to street-inspired and one of a kind!

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How To Grow Watermelon in a Small Space - Home & Family

How to Grow Watermelon in Small Spaces

Shirley Bovshow is revealing some of her insider tips on how to grow watermelon in small spaces. She even makes the perfect container to grow one in, using a whiskey barrel, soil, watermelon plants, water and a tomato cage. Remember that watermelon needs six hours of sunlight daily to properly grow.

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Holly Taylor

Actress Holly Taylor of FX’s “The Americans,” visits Home & Family to talk about the season finale cliffhanger. If you missed the episodes of this last season you can catch them online. She also discusses the things that she learned about the KGB and Cold War while starring in the series.

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Favorite New Baby Products

Blogger Ali Fedotowsky-Manno is introducing you to her favorite products for babies, including a self-installing baby seat and nasal aspirator.

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Treating TMJ Disorders

Joe Willardsen DDS discusses TMJ disorders that can cause pain in jaw joint and in muscles that control the jaw. Often, this can lead to difficulty in chewing/swallowing, tingling in arms & fingers and difficulty opening and closing mouth. He also talks about the treatments of TMJ, which includes medications, orthodontic surgery, Botox injections and TENs therapy.

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Cocoa Almond Bark - Home & Family

Cocoa Almond Bark

Debbie is celebrating “Good Witch” by making cocoa almond bark in the kitchen and using dark chocolate! In the series, Abigail sells chocolate in her shop. Debbie explains that dark chocolate is packed with beneficial nutrients, like potassium, zinc and selenium. The almonds also help boost energy and are a good source of protein.

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Ask the Experts

Ali, Orly and Timothy answer your questions from social media about fashion.

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DIY Balloon Animal Pillow - Home & Family

DIY Balloon Animal Pillow

Orly Shani is taking a women’s pair of opaque tights and turning them into fashionable balloon animal pillows, which are a fun new trend. The total cost of this project is only $12!