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DIY Wallpaper Art

A DIY from Ken Wingard.
DIY Wallpaper Art
  • Particle Board
  • Molding Trim
  • Nails & Hammer
  • Wallpaper & Knife
  • Wallpaper Paste & Brush
  • Hanging Hardware


1. Cut trim to fit particleboard or have lumber store cut it for you

2. Nail trim around board to create the frame

3. Cut wallpaper to fit, adjusting for any repeating patterns

4. Apply paste to the back of the wallpaper

5. Position wallpaper on particleboard and smooth out bubbles

6. Trim and hang with picture hanging hardware

TIPS: Particleboard has a smooth sanded finish and is much lighter than plywood

DIY Wallpaper Art - Home & Family

Ken Wingard shows you how to make your own wall art using standard wallpaper.

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