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DIY Tabletop Fire Pit

Paige Hemmis is turning a table top into a fire pit with this crafty DIY.
DIY Tabletop Fire Pit
  • Marine silicone
  • 8x10 frames (you just need the glass)
  • Metal or concrete planter box 8x8 with a lip (to sit the glass on)
  • River rock or glass rocks
  • Kitchen gel or sterno fuel
  • Sturdy metal mesh
  • Wire cutter

DIY Tabletop Fire Pit - Home & Family

Paige Hemmis is adding a little extra home decor to the house with this beautiful DIY.


1. First make your glass box that will sit on top of your planter. To do that, use the marine silicone and bead it down the side of one of the ends of the glass.
2. Repeat that step for all sides until you have all four sides done. Let it sit to dry (dry time will vary depending on the type of silicone you use so follow manufacturers recommendation).
3. Add the sterno/gel flame to the box in the middle.
4. Cut the mesh with wire cutters to fit over the top of the planter.
5. Insert the mesh on the planter.
6. Add rocks, making sure to leave a hole in the middle for your flame.
7. Light your gel flame, sit back, relax and admire your table-top fire pit for a fraction of the cost!

1. When making the glass box in the beginning, it’s best to set up books (or anything) that will hold your glass in place while it dries.
2. Stay away from wood boxes since they could be flammable. Concrete or metal is the best way to go.

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