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DIY Dorm Lights

Actress Gracie Dzienny is getting your college student ready for school with this easy DIY to light up the dorm room.
DIY Dorm Lights
  • Fun print fabric of your choosing
  • pom poms for trim
  • 1 string of Christmas lights
  • 1 package of clear mini solo cups
  • Mod Podge
  • scissors
  • exacto knife
  • 1 piece card stock for template
  • paint brushes

DIY Dorm Lights - Home & Family

Actress Gracie Dzienny is showing you how to spruce up your dorm room with these fun lights.


1) Measure distance around solo cup, cut out template on card stock.

2) Use template to cut out pieces of fabric –one for each light on your light string.

3) Glue on pom poms to each piece of material.

4) Using mod podge, attach fabric to cups.

5) Using an exacto knife, cut a hole in the bottom of cup.

6) Take lantern and attach to light string by poking light through the hole.

7) Hang your lights.

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