What's Your Secret?

The next day Cassie and Stephanie meet to talk about the plans for Martha’s surprise birthday party. Since she first learned about the party, Stephanie has gossiped to most of the town and Cassie’s worried that their surprise is already public knowledge. For her part, Stephanie is far more worried about the menu. As they talk, Martha walks in looking for answers. Her anniversary is coming up and she’s hardly seen Tom. Martha’s convinced that he’s either forgotten or that he’s planning something big. She asks Stephanie and Cassie to tell her if they hear anything about Tom’s plans for the anniversary.

At Sam’s office, Eve ushers in the representative from Hillcrest hospital for an in-person interview with Sam. Despite having already turned down the job, Hillcrest has sent their ‘closer’ Valerie to make a final pitch and bring Sam on board. Sam begins to introduce himself to Valerie but she stops him and begins to recite all the highlights of Sam’s resume. She shakes his hand and makes it perfectly clear that she’s going to do everything in her power to make Sam change his mind.

Nearby, Ben and Stephanie chat about ideas for date night. As they talk, Stephanie tries to convince Ben to help her get information from Martha about what type of cake she likes. Ben can’t see how he could be of any help and wonders why Stephanie is going through all the trouble of catering this event. Stephanie reveals that she loves catering because it allows her to be a part of people’s special moments. Seeing her passion, Sam suggests that Stephanie again try and open her catering business. After losing her investor, Stephanie is worried that she wont find another, but Ben offers to help. Flattered, Stephanie thanks him for the offer, but having already been burned, she’s ready to put her catering dreams in the back seat.