Back at the party, Cassie escorts the still unaware Martha to her surprise. Cassie keeps the ruse going right up until she and Martha walk into the ballroom. Cassie and Martha turn the corner just as the crowd of Martha’s friends yell “Surprise!” Cassie wishes Martha a happy anniversary just as Martha finds Tom standing and waving in the crowd. Stunned, Martha moves through the crowd towards Tom, still in awe that Tom and her friends kept the surprise from her for so long. As she takes it all in, Tom looks down and realizes Martha has a gift for him. In the box, to commemorate their 30th, Martha had one of the wedding photos framed in a beautiful pearl inlayed frame.

As Cassie wanders through the party she finds Abigail, slumped alone in a corner. After several hours of Greg’s incessant boasting, she’s sent him to get drinks while she enjoys a much needed break. She admits that Cassie was right and that Greg is totally wrong for her. Having acknowledged her error Abigail now heads off to fake a migraine and bring this date to an early end.

Later in the evening, John makes an unexpected appearance at the party. Cassie is glad he came, but surprised that he’s not clearing his mind and trying to select his new field supervisor. It’s then John reveals that he’s made his choice, but he’s unsure if the candidate will take the job. Cassie remarks that the job is the opportunity of a lifetime. John agrees that it is the opportunity of a lifetime, then asks Cassie if she will take the job. Cassie is stunned and flattered, but she has two businesses and a family to think of. John understands, but he also knows that if Cassie puts her mind to it, she can make anything happen.

A short time later, Sam arrives at the party in a celebratory mood. Not only did he get the lake house, Hillcrest hospital offered him the chief of staff job, while granting him the leeway to spend time with Nick and to keep his practice in Middleton. This spate of good news came about curiously at the same time Sam met Cassie. Sam confides that Cassie’s opinion really matters to him and that it has, ever since they first met. As they stand together Cassie tells Sam that John asked her to be the field supervisor on his trip to the Maldives. The news leaves Sam stunned.

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