Inside, Grace and Nick are in the kitchen working on homework. Grace asks how Nick’s study abroad entrance essay is going. Nick’s finished the essay but he is less than thrilled with the final product. Grace had expected Nick to be more excited about the opportunity, but Nick reveals that the more he finds out about London, the less enthusiastic he gets. Grace can sense that Nick is losing his passion for the experience and she tells him that he doesn’t have to go.

The next morning, Cassie catches Sam on his way to the hospital. Cassie takes the opportunity to ask if Sam may have an ulterior motive in going to the hospital. Sam knows she’s talking about Valerie, the hospital representative who’s trying to convince Sam to take the chief of staff job. Although Valerie is keeping up the pressure, Sam feels the job is just too much for him to take on; especially as her tries to rebuild his relationship with Nick. Cassie suggests that Sam should change the job being offered into the job he wants. Sam appreciates the sentiment but tells her that jobs like this one would end up bending him to the will of the job.

Meanwhile at the bistro, Ben talks with Stephanie about his friend who wants to invest in her catering business. Ben explains that the investor is a friend of his from high school who became a stock trader. Ben desperately wants to help Stephanie fulfill her dreams, but Stephanie is still unsure she can make a new business work. As they talk, Martha walks in and overhears them talking about catering a party. Fortunately, Ben and Stephanie have sense enough to lie and tell Martha they are talking about Stephanie’s new business idea. Martha then casually lets it slip that Cassie is planning a romantic dinner for John. Unbeknownst that Martha’s juicy tidbit was a lie to throw her off the scent of her own surprise party, Stephanie is immediately intrigued and heads off to get all the details from Cassie.

Nearby at the flower shop, Greg arrives having received a text message saying his arrangement was ready for pick up. Greg tells Abigail he didn’t order anything and she feigns surprise but, since he’s there, she decides to take the opportunity to ask him what his problem is. His problem, as she sees it, is that he and Abigail don’t have a second date. Fortunately for Greg, the universe has granted him the opportunity to right his wrong. Greg tells Abigail that he “doesn’t do the girlfriend thing” but he’s open to discussing the situation. Abigail convinces him to take her to dinner the next night after he helps her deliver flowers to Martha’s surprise party.