True Colors

Ryan goes to Cassie’s shop and happily shares the news that he worked his magic. He reached out to Cassie’s old landlord and found out that he had only agreed to sell to Jones if Cassie could stay indefinitely. The sale had actually not closed yet, and Jones had lied to Cassie. The deal is dead! Cassie can stay as long as she wants. Cassie is thrilled and relieved. Ryan wants to stay in Middleton, and to truly start a life with Cassie. She regretfully tells him that she is not ready to move on, and Ryan wants to know if there is someone else.  Is it Jake?

At the café, Abigail has done some online research on Linda and shares her findings with Sam. Sam tells Linda that now he knows why Nick wants to go to Hong Kong- it has to do with the fact that Linda is now single again.  Nick is feeling like he has to take care of his mom. Sam goes back on his position; he will do what it takes to protect his son, and he urges Linda to do the right thing.  Later that night, Linda stops by Sam’s office and tells him she is leaving town, for now. She will be relocating to Middleton after her Hong Kong trip and Sam laughs her off, but she is very serious.

Stephanie and Cassie are headed out for a celebratory dinner.  They stop at Cassie’s shop for something quick and there is a surprise party at the Bell, Book & Candle! Cassie is thrilled and surprised, and so happy to see so many of her supporters. Brandon and Tara share champagne, and tell Cassie that they have decided to stay in town together. Cassie thanks Grace for putting the party together, and that Jake would be very proud.

At the end of the evening Cassie is sweeping up, and Sam has stuck around to help. Sam offers her a celebratory hug, and they linger. It appears as though they may kiss, but when Cassie looks back through the front door, Ryan is there. He has seen the tender moment that Cassie and Sam have shared.

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