True Colors

Stephanie is back at the courthouse to badger Martha, but Martha has had no success in stopping the Java Shed from coming to Middleton.

Tara stops by the Bell, Book & Candle and expresses her sorrow at Cassie losing her store. She tells Cassie that Brandon is unsure about going to England. Cassie gives her Brandon’s ice skates. Cassie wants to donate them to the ice rink, and Tara offers to drop them off. Later, Brandon meets up with Cassie and they argue about what Brandon should do.  Cassie is not okay with him staying in town just for her, but Brandon promised his father that he would watch out for Cassie. Brandon sticks to his guns, and will stay close to his family. Cassie asks him to bring some hot cocoa down to the ice center for the volunteers. At the ice rink, Brandon and Tara meet up and talk about how easy things we were as kids. They share a tender moment together and try to decide what to do about their future.

Sam decides not to fight Linda any longer. He is going to try winning by not fighting this time; he is going to allow Nick to live with his mom.

Stephanie does some recon on Java Shed in Blairsville and realizes that her business has an edge. The Bistro Café is smaller, more personal and focused on service. She can beat them! Meanwhile, Jones is in the café, and angrily confronts Ryan about the news that Java Shed is suddenly pulling out of the deal. Ryan tells him that he did the right thing, and has emailed Jones his resignation. Meanwhile, Martha and Grace are working on something mysterious together.