True Colors

Linda and Nick are looking over photos of Hong Kong when Sam returns home from Grey House.  Linda tells him that Stephanie called and she is wondering just how many women Sam has in Middleton. Sam still refuses to let Nick go to Hong Kong. He wants Linda to leave immediately. Nick comes in between them, and tells his dad that he wants to be with his mom. He is not allowed to steal him from his mom twice.

Cassie walks by the darkened Bell, Book & Candle and seems overcome with emotion and memories.  Stephanie confronts Ryan at the café about Java Shed and Ryan relays that he was trying to fix the situation. Cassie finally appears at the café to speak with Ryan and they talk about what is happening. Ryan needs Cassie to give him a chance to make this right.

Sam seems to be holding on too tightly to his son. Nick tells him after high school he will leave and never come back.  Later, Linda is serious about getting custody and has spoken with her lawyer. Nick does not want to live with Sam. Now it is up to Sam to decide whether or not Nick will get hurt in a custody battle.

The next morning, Sam and Cassie meet up and talk about what Ryan is trying to do to rectify the situation with Jones and Cassie’s building.  Cassie explains that her shop is where she and Jake first met, and where she found her roots in Middleton.  She is very attached to the space.