True Colors

Ryan meets up with his parents at the Bistro Café, and Cassie is running late. Ryan’s parents ask about his big announcement, but he does not have one.  They thought he had some big news to share, but he defers. Finally he relays that he does have some news, and his parents assume it is about a wedding with Cassie. He laughs and asks why they would think that. He tells them about his new job in Chicago and they seem happy for him.

Sam stops at Grey House as Cassie is on her way out, and wants to know if Cassie in fact thinks Hong Kong is a good idea for Nick. She tells him to consider the source and Sam realizes this is just Linda manipulating him. He tells Cassie that she looks amazing, and she shares that she is about to go to dinner with Ryan.  Sam seems tense, and Cassie slows things down. They sit down to have tea and talk some more about the situation with Linda.  She advises Sam that there must be a reason for this fight, and that Sam needs to discover what it is so that he may find a solution to his problem.

Tara finally confides her secret to Brandon. He first tells her that he quit his job, and she then informs him that she got accepted into a doctorate program in Cambridge, England. Brandon is floored and upset that she accepted without talking to him about it. It is too far from home, and he can’t leave Middleton- not now. He loves Tara, but this is too much to ask.  Later, Brandon asks for his job back. He tells Derek that he needs to stay in town for Cassie and Grace. Derek thinks to be with Tara is just as important,  because she is family as well.

Sam shares information with Cassie about her building. He found the person who bought it and offered to buy it back but the new owner won’t budge.  The man has new plans for the shop that don’t include Cassie. Sam lets the cat out of the bag- the buyer is Jones, the man Ryan is working for. Cassie is stunned, and Sam apologizes for being the bearer of bad news.