True Colors

Ryan meets with Richie, who reveals that Jones has just purchased the building that houses the Bell, Book & Candle. They have a new franchisee who wants to sign a 5 year lease and will pay double the rent. It is Ryan’s job to get the old tenant out and smooth things over.

Cassie finds a note on the door of her store.  She shows it to Sam; she has not been able to get ahold of Ryan to help. Her lease has expired, and she does not have a contract to fall back on. Cassie is visibly upset.

At the station, Brandon gives his two-week notice to Derek--he will be relocating to San Francisco to be with Tara. One of them has to compromise, so that their flame will not go out.  Derek is disappointed, and tells Brandon that he was grooming him to be his successor.

Linda drops by Grey House to borrow some tea, and talks to Cassie about her plans to take Nick to Hong Kong. She wants to garner support from Cassie, but Cassie is reluctant. Linda reports that Cassie has helped her to see that she can’t back down from the fight with Sam.

Linda and Sam argue again about the trip and about Nick’s well-being.  Linda tells Sam that Cassie is on her side and Sam is in disbelief. Nick begs his dad to please let him go with his mom.