True Colors

Stephanie gives Martha a bill for her coffee the day before. She is furious that Martha did not tell her the day before that the business plan for bringing in Java Shed was already in the works.  Martha tells her that Java Shed will attract other businesses, and that she really wants a big box store!

Sam drops by Grey House and discloses Linda’s plan to Cassie. He is tired of looking like the bad guy. He confides in Cassie that Linda did not initially fight for custody at all, and that if Nick finds out he will be crushed.

Later Cassie and Ryan are sharing dessert at the café when Ryan tells her that since the storm she seems a bit “not there.” He invites her and Grace to come to dinner with him and his parents the following night and Cassie agrees to attend.

Grace and Nick catch up outside of school. Nick seems relaxed and happy for the first time, which Grace likes. He tells her about going to Hong Kong with his mom, and about his mom’s boyfriend Geoffrey.  He tells her that Geoffrey tries to act like his stepdad, and although it’s weird, he’s gotten used to it. Grace confides that she doesn’t want things to change between her and her mom.  Later, Grace is helping in the kitchen and Cassie invites her to the dinner with Ryan and his parents. Grace does not want to go, and Cassie lets her off the hook. Cassie reassures her that she will always be there for Grace, no matter what.