True Colors

At the café, Stephanie mentions to Cassie that she thinks Linda is up to something, and she has heard that things are heating up between Cassie and Ryan.  Stephanie also tells Cassie about the Java Shed rumor.

Cassie runs into Brandon downtown and gives him a tin of goodies for Tara’s return to Middleton. Cassie senses that their love is a great one, and she shares that her recipe for a happy marriage includes communication. The next day Brandon picks up Tara at the bus and they are ecstatic to see each other.  At Grey House they look through an old album and laugh at silly photos of themselves. It is clear that they have missed each other.

Abigail is watching the store when Grace stops by. Cassie is out with Ryan (again) and Grace seems concerned about their growing connection. Abigail reassures her that Cassie won’t be gone all the time.

Nick and Linda stop by Sam’s office with news that they are going to Hong Kong-- Linda is taking him on her business trip for a whole month. Sam flatly says no, that Nick has school. He is stunned that no one thought to discuss it with him. Linda argues that the trip will be an educational experience. They send Nick back to the car, and the two parents argue about the trip.