Together We Stand...

At the hospital, it turns out that Brian did not have an injured spleen but did have hemolytic anemia, which causes the spleen to bleed. Sam tells Eve he can leave the hospital the following day but that they should put off travel for a few days.  Both Sam and Cassie are hugely relieved. As they talk, Stephanie is wheeled into the hospital for her back injury, and Sam checks out Brandon’s head wound.

At long last, Derek appears at the library to bring Nick, Grace and Anthony home.

The next day, Stephanie hands over the keys for the Bistro cafe to Abigail as she needs to take it easy by coming in late and leaving early.

Grace catches up with Brandon and she is so relieved that he is okay. Brandon promises he will be fine, and that he needs to live his life; Grace can’t protect him.  Just then, Tara calls.