Together We Stand...

Grace asks Nick why he seems so irritated. She suddenly realizes it has to do with Nick’s mom cancelling her visit to Middleton. Nick does not want to talk about it and walks away in a huff.

Martha’s husband Tom meets Martha down at the mayor’s office. Martha needs his support; she is worried that she is not doing a good job as a leader. He helps Martha to see she is in fact doing a great job.

Back at Grey House, Sam and Cassie continue to watch over Brian when Eve returns and finally gives her consent for Sam to do the surgery. Sam springs into action. Sam thanks Cassie for her support in this. Just as they are about to start, the ambulance arrives and they hurry Brian out to get to the hospital.

Later at the mayor’s office, Derek reports to Martha that the roads are clear and that Brian has made it to the hospital. Martha goes out to speak to the press, but to Martha’s chagrin Mayor Blankenship is already speaking to the crowd.