Together We Stand...

Eve tells Cassie that Brian went running the previous afternoon. Sam figures he must have fallen with the slick roads and that he needs emergency surgery for a small tear in his spleen. Sam grabs some supplies and plans to operate on Brian right there at Grey House. Brian is quite pale, and Cassie is setting up a drip IV next to the couch. Eve is very upset and suddenly feels like she can’t breathe. She is worried that Brian may not live through this. Grace reassures her that Brian is in very good hands.  Sam and Cassie are very worried about Brian, and need to gets Eve’s consent. The situation worsens when Eve refuses to let Sam do surgery at Grey House. Cassie and Eve sit by Brian, and Eve tells Cassie she won’t change her mind. Cassie replies that she trusts Sam with her life, and Brian’s life too.

The Blairsville snow crews have been slowed due to a major accident on the interstate freeway--they will need to take the back roads. Mayor Blankenship calls and talks to Martha.

Ryan and Frankie talk about the mall numbers and potential tenants. Frankie says she needs to vet and approve them. They argue about who has the final word, and Frankie tells him that their boss is actually her father. Ryan is taken aback.