Together We Stand...

At the Bistro café, the lights flicker off. Abigail keeps Stephanie company and brings her a hot drink. Stephanie is still lying on the floor to prevent further injury to her back. They wait for the fire department to arrive and help.

Outside, conditions worsen and Sam and Cassie concur that it is not safe to try to drive Brian to the hospital. Sam is worried that Brian has an injured spleen and internal abdominal bleeding. Cassie urges Sam to trust his instincts, that his years of experience have honed his intuition when it comes to medical issues. They try to figure out what is happening with Brian and ask Eve if there is anything she remembers. To make matters worse, phone service has completely gone down.

Meanwhile, Ryan and the developer Mr. Jones meet for dinner in Blairsville. Ryan talks about wanting to get back to Middleton and about his friendship with Cassie.  The developer wants Cassie to break her lease to become a tenant at the mall. He tells Ryan that he has his best guy Frankie in from Chicago to go over numbers, and he wants Ryan to impress.  To Ryan’s great surprise, Frankie turns out to be a woman, and she tells Ryan she will be his new partner on the project.

Grace rifles through her purse and finds some mints and a candy bar, which she shares with Anthony. Nick starts rattling the snack vending machine since he has no money, and shakes a candy bar loose. Nick sees some chocolate in the corner of Grace’s mouth and says he is disappointed that she didn’t share with him.  As the evening wears on, Nick starts snacking away on chips, candy and soda from the vending machine. Anthony and Grace are getting really hungry, and Grace begs for him to share. Nick wants to know how much money they have. Anthony offers up his twenty but Nick turns him down.

Back at the café Stephanie and Abigail have a heart to heart. Abigail wants to know why Stephanie does not trust her. Stephanie wants to know why Abigail feels that she and Sam should not be a couple. Suddenly, an injured Brandon bursts in and interrupts their conversation.