The Truth About Lies

Martha confronts Ryan at the café – he talked to his developer and convinced him to take his business to Blairsville. Martha is upset, but Ryan assures her that this is the right path for them both and the community.

The next morning, Grace accidentally steps on Jake’s compass and cuts her foot on the glass. Cassie takes a look at the injury, and they decide for Grace to see Sam for a closer look. Grace tells Sam that she wanted to come over, and confesses that Nick actually helped Grace to get home safely the night they were both missing. Sam seems reluctant to believe her, yet he is relieved.

Abigail returns to Grey house and Cassie comments that she is looking quite satisfied. Abigail says that she has helped quite a bit, showing Grace that being a rebel is more fun in theory than in practice, and that Lori is renewed in her role as Grace’s big sister and protector. She finally mentions that she left Sam on his own with dinner so that Cassie could step in. She knows that Stephanie is not right for Sam, and that Cassie does not belong with Ryan. Cassie looks flustered, and tells Abigail that fate cannot be forced. Finally, Abigail shares that Stephanie has hired her at the café – she won’t be returning to New York after all.

Sam is trying to come up with a new solution for Nick’s behavior. Sam wants to help him try to make better choices. He wants to know why Nick did not tell him about helping Grace. Sam thinks his dad would not have believed him because he just thinks he is a bad kid. Sam wants to start over, to meet halfway.

At Grey House, Ryan shares the good news about Keating House. He thanks Cassie for pointing him in the right direction. He asks Cassie out for dinner again and she agrees. He states that these last two dinners together have felt different, and Cassie concurs.

Sam is playing guitar at home when Cassie visits to pick up her dishes from the dinner. She tells Sam that Stephanie called and had a really nice time. Sam is grateful for Cassie’s help in pulling off the evening. Sam gets a call and it is his ex-wife. She’s about to pay Middleton a visit.

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