The Truth About Lies

Meanwhile, Cassie hears an alarm going off in Sam’s house and goes in to find Sam and Nick in the kitchen with smoking dishes that have set off the fire alarm! Just as she suspected might happen, Abigail just handed off a recipe to Sam and is not there helping at all. Cassie asks about the recipe and is dismayed that things went so awry. She brings over some new ingredients from Grey House and they work on putting together a new dinner for Sam’s date with Stephanie. Sam thanks her and talks a little about his divorce, and how he and his ex-wife wanted different things.  Stephanie arrives and the two share dinner. She is a fan of Sam’s carrots that are half peeled and half cooked. Sam is happy she is there and they enjoy their meal.

Lori is at the Eagle office researching Abigail online. She is definitely concerned with her motives. Later on at Grey house, Lori assures Grace that she can confide in her, and that she knows Grace lied about being at the library. Grace is sorry and disappointed in herself. Later, Lori finds Abigail downtown and tells her that she discovered Abigail is in fact telling the truth about her job and having an apartment in New York. Lori wants to know why Abigail was so unreliable when she was growing up. Abigail changes the subject.

Over dinner, Ryan tells Cassie about Martha being on a path of trying to demolish a lot of Middleton in favor of building anew. Ryan wants help and Cassie advises him that if Martha won’t listen to him, she thinks she knows who will.

At home, Grace confides in Cassie that she lied about where she was the prior evening. Cassie tells her that she knew the truth in her heart. Grace is sorry, and Cassie comforts her. Grace shares that Nick was surprisingly nice to her.