The Truth About Lies

Grace confronts Abigail about not showing up at the coffeehouse like they had planned. Grace is upset about having lied the night before, but Abigail tells her that if she wants to break the rules she will have to deal with feeling guilty from time to time.

Nick is shooting baskets when Sam approaches him. Nick asks to be grounded again when Sam tells him that he is going to ground both of them so that they can spend more time together. Later Nick and Grace meet up on the walk home from school and she apologizes for getting Nick in trouble. Nick reassures her that it is not a problem, and she is off the hook.

Sam talks to Abigail about his make up date with Stephanie, and tells her that he is nervous about cooking dinner for her. Abigail assures him that Stephanie is not coming for the food, and she offers to come over and help him put dinner together.  Sam accepts her help.

Stephanie brings some soup by for Cassie at the shop. She mentions that Sam has not cancelled their date yet, and that she has never given a man so many chances.  Stephanie thinks that Ryan is frustrated with Cassie and that he really likes her. Cassie deflects, uncomfortable with the conversation.

Abigail goes to the café to see Stephanie and tells her they need to talk.  Stephanie passes by her and tells her she has a date – but Abigail asks her if it isn’t Sam’s turn to wait?  Abigail tells Stephanie that she is not interested in Sam, and that if Sam really liked Stephanie, would Abigail be able to get in the way of that? She feels Stephanie deserves someone who is really into her.

Martha has a list of local properties that she would like to see torn down but Ryan is in disbelief. Martha confides that she is considering seeking a higher political office – the governorship. She states that big political gains come from economic development just like this!